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Delivered by The Deering Group Training under a Third Party arrangement with Training Services Australia (RTO 1984). The Deering Group Training’s Course in Field-based Training and Assessment is aimed at workplace trainers and assessors across a range of industry sectors. The Course in Field-based Training and Assessment (10235NAT) consists of one core unit and one elective unit. The training is delivered using face-to-face, off-the-job facilitated learning, and is reinforced by a practical, work-based assignment completed after each workshop.


Quite simply, our training is designed with people at the centre, helping them learn in the optimal way that suits them – not forcing standardised training methods in a one size fits all approach. Empowering them with the resources to build the capability of their fellow workforce and fill the voids in procedure that hold the organisation back.

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Course Structure

The Course in Field-based Training and Assessment consists of one core unit and one elective unit, as shown below. The scheduling of workshop delivery can be flexible, to meet client needs, however it is recommended that clients allow time between workshops for participants to consolidate their skills and knowledge, and complete their assessment, before attending the next workshop.

Course overview: Field Base Training and Assessment – 10235NAT

We have partnered with the Perth based Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Training Services Australia, to enable us to be the first to offer this opportunity on the east coast of Australia.

Core: Carry out workplace assessment (WPTASS001)

Provides the skills to properly assess personnel in accordance with your organisation’s policies and procedures, identifying gaps and giving you the tools to form strategies on closing those voids.

Elective: Provide work skill instruction (TAEDEL301)

Designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver skills-based training sessions to individuals and small groups in the workplace.

Elective: Coach others in the workplace (WPTDEL001)

To equip participants with the skills and knowledge to coach others in the workplace, with a focus on helping the person being coached to develop job specific skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Both the course material and the presentation were pitched at the right level……a range of techniques, good mix of activities and the application of the methods to different workplaces.

Michael, IT
Facilitator is a brilliant trainer……very encouraging and engaging with real life examples.
Shafique, Oil & Gas

Courses are run once a month from our Brisbane location, and can be organised on-site upon request. See our training calendar here.

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