While getting everyone in your organisation on board with plans can be difficult, it can also be quite rewarding.

When you talk about setting up a good learning and development strategy, stakeholders have a massive impact on the outcome of that program. Each of them has the capacity to supply or withhold resources and influence on other key stakeholders whose support you need.

Consequently, it only makes sense to engage key stakeholders in developing your training strategies. In this blog, we rounded up the steps and best practices you and your team can follow.

Identify your stakeholders

Discussions around training programs revolve among these stakeholders. Depending on the size of your organisation, these may include:

• Employees – for whom the training is designed for
• Executives/Directors – to provide support and ensure the training is aligned with the organisation’s business strategy
• Managers – to motivate employees through leading by example
• Subject matter experts – facilitate your learning and development program
• Marketing team – in-charge of internal communications

Engage your learners

At The Deering Group, we recommend engaging your learners to help them meet their goals. Here are a few important things to remember:

• Target the skills needed to meet specific goals
• Review your learning and development plan with your staff in small groups
• Explain how this relates to your organisations’ core values

Get the leaders to ‘lead’

Employees are more likely to embrace new learning initiatives that are led and supported by senior managers. Ensure your leaders are testing these training programs, participating in team discussions and encouraging others by sharing their experiences.

Remember… when you have a strategic plan and the process of collaborating with stakeholders in place, you’ve already taken the first step towards enhancing your organisations overall performance.

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