Have you tried investing a sizeable budget for your learning and development, started a program.. only to realise very few of your people are taking advantage of it?

We, at The Deering Group, have taken a closer look to find out what could be hindering engagement. Some employees report not knowing the content was available at all, while some are not clear about how they could participate. Turns out, the missing piece of the puzzle was an effective communication strategy.

A well-prepared training communication plan doesn’t need to be complicated. In this blog, let’s delve into a few strategies to ensure you’re promoting your programs effectively.

Boost Your Communication Channels

When you develop a communication plan, email isn’t the only option. Try experimenting with new ways. Do you have existing communications channels that you haven’t used?

1. Newsletters, local SharePoint or a community group used for internal communication.
2. Printed materials like z-fold flyers which you can place in office break rooms and announcement boards.
3. Reach out to your Communications team to identify other channels within your organisation. The more heads are on it, the better the outcome.
4. And of course, ask your managers to announce it to their teams. Meetings and/or video conferences is the ideal place to mention these updates.

Build The Right Content

● Capture interest. Present in different styles including charts, text paragraphs, bullets, images; and even audio and video materials.

● Share a story. Humanise your programs by adding a learner’s success stories and testimonials or simply explaining why you decided to launch this program.

● Create a schedule. A consistent and steady communication is key. Develop a plan in your Calendar and stick to it.

Build a workplace culture in which learning is a routine. If your upcoming learning initiative does not include a communication plan– it’s never too late to start.

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