Many organisations and managers struggle with a lack of engagement and high turnover rates of their employees. This in turn effects the overall performance of an organisation.

Although there are several factors that influence the decision to leave an organisation, one factor that is linked with the decision to stay is training.

You’ve heard countless times before the positive impact that training can have on your business. But how can implementing a training program lead to a higher retention rate and added value for your business?

Training reinforces the value of the employee

Employees want to feel that the job they do is important to the overall performance and success of the business. By investing in relevant training programs for your employees, you are showing your staff that the company values them.

When the business invests time and money in their teams to have the job done as well as possible, staff also become more engaged and devoted to their impact on the business. A person who feels valued in a particular role will be far more willing to stay on the job.

Training leads to increased job satisfaction

Nothing is more fundamental to generating feelings of satisfaction and engagement than providing your employees opportunities for professional development.

It is through these opportunities that employees develop a greater sense of self-worth which in turn makes for a happier and more engaged employee.

Training leads to increased productivity

A well-trained employee usually shows greater productivity and higher quality of work-output than an untrained employee.

Learning and development opportunities help staff to improve within their current role and reach their goals by working to their strengths. By improving the skills of the employees in the performance of a particular job, the quantity and quality of output will be significantly higher as a result.

Training increases your in-house expertise

Learning and development opportunities build a much more advanced workforce.

Collectively, employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help your company hold a position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry.

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