Managing expenses and reducing costs is very often a topic of conversation within a business, and reducing training expenses is one way to help your company save money.

While it is essential for your business to provide training to workers, there are some simple things your business can do to limit these costs and improve workplace productivity.

In this blog we outline five easy ways to reduce training costs at your organisation.

1. Provide fewer sessions

Hosting many training events and programs within an organisation can be time-consuming and expensive. Hosting fewer sessions throughout the year, particularly when employees do not need specific information immediately, can be a great way to minimise expenses.

2. Consider alternative training materials

Printing large workbooks for training sessions can be significant part of the expense of running the event. It is often the case that many of these materials go unused and unread. By offering web-based materials and soft copy content, you can promote eco-friendly behaviors while reducing costs at the same time.

3. Only deliver the most necessary and relevant training

Assessing all current training materials and the training schedule, then removing anything that is not current and relevant to your business, is an excellent way to reduce costs.

Involving employees in this process through surveys can help discover what training is truly effective and valued within the organisation too.

4. Use in-house experts for training

Many business have employees who already have specialist skills and years of knowledge. Asking them to lead training sessions or information seminars can be a very cost effective way to deliver business training without having to pay for external resources.

The added benefit to using experts in-house is that they can easily demonstrate application to the business, and are available for questions long after the session has been run.

This would not replace a more formal training schedule altogether, however can be used to supplement a reduced training calendar.

5. Consider public courses rather than in-house training

If there are only a small number of staff that need to be trained on a particular topic, an easy way to reduce costs is to send them to external or public courses rather than train in-house.

Your employees will return back to your organisation and can then train other employees that need the same particular skill or knowledge. The employees are then labeled as the trainer with subject matter expertise for the particular topic, and will train other employees in the future.

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