TAE40116 (Certificate IV) or 10235NAT – Which training and assessment course is best for you?

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With the vast array of face-to-face and online workplace training and assessment courses available, it can be difficult to determine which course is best suited to your needs. For many years the only nationally accredited training and assessment course was the Certificate IV TAE40110 (now TAE40116). However, since 2016 there has been a new course

Top 6 tips for keeping your staff safe at work

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Ensuring your employees stay safe at work, no matter where they work, is important business. Workplace injuries can be very costly, and part of an employer's responsibility is to take time to think about what needs to be done, and how it could be done as safely as possible. Workplace safety is also critical to

What makes for good workplace learning?

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How do you know if your staff are being trained properly? Want to improve your workplace learning but don’t know where to start? By implementing our seven key principles of learning, you can ensure students are learning in the most effective and efficient way possible.   1. Active involvement Learning is generally more effective when

How training reduces the cost of compliance and improves your results

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Any organisation that operates in today’s business world needs to be compliant with the regulations of their industry. But we think compliance is more than just ticking a box. In this blog, learn how training can ensure you can keep the cost of compliance down, while improving your results.   Training ensures your team have

7 Ways to Improve Assessment Practices at Work

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Workplace assessments are the optimal way to manage risks, better comply with safety regulations and to help you to create and maintain a healthier work environment. Carrying out these assessments in the workplace is commonplace, however how do you know whether your practices are delivering results? It’s important to know that your processes are doing